//Nice reading, let’s wait for the final chapter

Nice reading, let’s wait for the final chapter

Ogni tanto lascio per la rete commenti, recensioni e pareri. Nella maggior parte dei casi mi dimentico di loro. Ieri Amazon mi ha però mandato la mail per farmi notare come a un utente la mia recensione sia servita, e devo confessare che mi ha fatto piacere.

Qui trovate la recensione, relativa al romanzo Cobra Guardian di Thimoty Zahn, che vi ripropongo per semplicità:

I’ve been an avid Zahn reader since the Heir of the Empire, and I’ve always appreciated his complex, combat oriented plots. I’ve been waiting for years for a follow up to his Cobra masterwork, and I’m a little disappointed with this book. It is exciting to read and funny as ever, but this time the tactics do not make any sense.

Ok, so nobody in the entire Cobra worlds ever thought about building an anti-tank rocket, an anti-air weapon system or a fighter plane. But that the crazy, obsessed Qasamans didn’t is not so easily understandable (they’ve buillt choppers, how do they think to keep them in the sky without air superiority?). And that the Trofts, the aliens who have been defeated by Cobras 100 years ago, come back without these basic weapon systems is really, really difficult to understand (a single CAP would have ended the previous book in a much different way).

Maybe all these strange things have solid ‘reasons why’ which will be explained in book three, but for now they make the military part of the book feel ‘fake’ – something I’m not used to when I’m reading Zahn books.

Se siete curiosi, l’ultimo libro della trilogia non ha risposto ai miei dubbi, e anzi ha aperto una nuova trama senza davvero chiudere le precedente (esalogia in vista).

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