they got prettier. 

The Rules of Immersion:

Action: As soon as you declare an action, your character is already trying to get it done. No going back. 

Speech: Your character says anything you say unrelated to your character’s actions (apart from clarifying questions). If it comes out of your mouth, be prepared for the consequences. The dark wizard you’re facing may not be as amused by being compared to a Batman villain as you are. 

Omniscience: No Metagaming. If you can’t discuss it in character, it isn’t the time. 

Hesitation: When your turn begins you have 90 seconds to declare your actions and roll. Your turn is not strategy time. It is time to get shit done. You have a full round to plan your next move. Think ahead. Exceptions may be made for skill checks or in-character dialogue. 

AttentionStay Engaged. At any given point, what is happening effects everybody. If you feel yourself drifting, ask yourself how the circumstances effect you, and how your character might react. 

Consistency: Your character is a person, with a history and a mind and a heart. Remember what they have seen, and what they have done. Remember who you are and what you stand for. 

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